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The quality of experience that our customers enjoy on qb’s network is our number one objective. With this in mind, from 1st February 2016 we are pleased to announce that in addition to 2G voice services being available nationally, 3G Data services will now also be available nationally, serving 99% of the population too.

This is possible through an extension of the network infrastructure sharing arrangement qb has with Cellcard. As a result, qb can now offer the most comprehensive 3G Data services across the main cities, towns and rural areas in Cambodia as well as, much improved in-building coverage in Phnom Penh and other major cities.

To ensure you have access to the best possible 3G services please ensure that your mobile phone or device setting selects the Network Carrier ‘automatically’. Additionally, you should enable ‘data roaming’ on your device to guarantee 3G service. This means you can switch seamlessly across both networks. Depending on which handset you own, you may, on occasion see that Cellcard is displayed as your network provider. There is nothing to be concerned about if this happens as it is simply a function of the mobile phone or device that you own. You will see this switch back to showing qb as soon you switch back onto our network infrastructure.

We firmly believe this enhancement will mean qb customers will have an even better quality of service where you will continue to benefit from our great value pricing, excellent data service plans and, through our nationwide dealer channels, easy access to top up & recharge and, WING services through the WING network and also, through the Kingdom’s leading banks. Please remember that only qb top up’s will work with the qb network (SIM).

We hope that you enjoy this new enhancement and, your improved experience with us.