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Data rates are 1c/MB if you use our pay-as-you-go option!

Why pay more for internet than you need to? With qb's new flat rate for internet you can surf all your favourite websites, check emails, and download videos and music for only 1 c/MB! Connect instantly and at fast speeds for an incredibly low price. You pay only for what you use, no more and NO restrictions! The best part is, qb gives you unlimited FREE access to 5 websites, including Google, DAP news, Kohsantepheap News, The Phnom Penh Post and Facebook Zero! The new 1c/MB tariff from qb opens up the internet for all, making access affordable and easy

  • Are you a high school or university student?
    1c/MB will help you with your homework and studies
  • Are you into social networking? Want to get more friends?
    1c/MB will allow you to browse all of your favourite networking sites and not worry about the cost
  • Do you have your own business or work in a small organisation?
    1c/MB will allow you to do business efficiently and without expense