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GET 10gb For a low monthly fee!

High speed internet access with speed up to 1.5 Mbps


Package name qb Home
SIM card USD 1
Speed Up to 1.5 mbps
Charge USD 5 (Prepay)
Installation FREE
Deposit USD 60 (For WiFi router)
Data allowance 10 gb
  • SIM Card: an 084 prefix data only SIM Card is available from all qb stockist
  • Charge: qbHome is prepay only service. A recharge of $5 is required to secure the 10gb allowance. The qbHome SIM Card can be recharged via the Ezetop service available on qbmore.com
  • Deposit: The deposit charge covers the cost of the WiFi router and is returnable (should the router be undamaged) in the event that the service is terminated
  • Data Allowance: The 10gb allowance (or any part thereof) will expire in 30days if unused - there is no rollover of allowance.